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POZ BandsOnBands: Sorority Noise On Regina Spektor
by Zack Zarrillo - May 12, 201430 notes
Monday means BandsOnBands, and we’re excited to be posting the new PropertyOfZack feature today with Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise. The band will be releasing Forgettable on May 13th via Evan Weiss’ Storm Chasers, Derrick Shanholtzer’s Broken World Media and Dog Knights Productions, and the full album can be streamed here.
In this week’s feature, Cam talks about his love for Regina Spektor. Listen to songs by her here and check out what Cam had to say about one of his biggest influences below!
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From Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise:
I can safely say that for the better part of the bast six years, Regina Spektor has been my biggest influence, both musically and lyrically.
I was 16 when I first heard “11:11” all the way through.
I was 17 when I had learned a majority of “Soviet Kitsch” on guitar and piano. 
I was 18 when I spent an entire paycheck on as many of her records as I could find. 
I was 19 when I cried to “Daniel Cowman” as a best friend left for a year abroad.
I was 20 when I decided not to get “Potentially Lovely, Perpetually Human” tattooed on my biceps because she probably would think that was weird when we started hanging out. 
Now I’m 21 and I’ve still yet to see her perform live but I figure I’ve watched enough live videos to put that on hold for a little while longer. 
One thing I’ve realized through these years of admiration is that her attention to detail in lyricism is truly exceptional. She has this element of rawness, insanity, and beauty constructed into each word and phrase that always says enough; the perfect amount of syllables and the perfect amount of melody. One song in specific that comes to mind is “Braille” off of her “11:11” album and the specific lyric goes as follows: 
"She was lying on the floor and counting stretch marks,
she hadn’t been a virgin and he hadn’t been a god.
so she named the baby Elvis,
to make up for the royalty he lacked”
I mean… COME ON. Does it get any more brilliant than that? The rest of the song details a mother’s life with a child she bore out of wedlock, a concept I couldn’t even being to convey lyrically. 
I could begin to go on and on, analyzing each lyric and song, but it’s finals week and I have a lot of things to do before I finish my junior year. I assure you that her catalogue is expansive but if I am to recommend several songs that I admire most   “Carbon Monoxide,” “Back of a Truck,” “Genius Next Door,” and “Daniel Cowman.” 

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This article says Regina was at Tori Amos' concert .. not surprising, I guess..


Not that I expect her to tell us about every concert she attends, she had so many nice things to say about Neil Young's show at Carnegie Hall in January, I am slightly surprised she said nothing about Tori Amos'.  The album, in my opinion, is quite interesting as all of Tori Amos' are, but, not always easy to follow.  But the woman loves her piano, and her classical past and, well, you know....

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 From Regi's facebook page:


At Avatar with Randall Poster and Steward Lerman. Recorded another fun song for the last season of Boardwalk Empire with the amazing Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks! They are an incredible orchestra- go hear them play if you can (they are in NYC:-) my brain is full of 1920's now... Aaahhhh.... Cheers, regi
PS I forgot to take a picture while they were setting up- so the last one is titled "when the music's over"...



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