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Wow oh wow!  A new song!!!! Funny with Regina; I will never express pressure to her about 'when is the next song or album. Never ever ever! Not ever!! Never would I do that!!! I have a thing about myself and Regina's music. It's done so much for me, that I never want to express a hurrying or anything close to that. Her going her own natural way & pace is what brought me here in the first place. Her creative juices need to stay with her and her only. She's important to music. Plus her last couple years have included marriage and baby. Life consuming things. It's a gift to get any new stuff during these life changing things. But I do bite my nails of when her next thing is going to happen..


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YESS I'm so excited! Just want to hear it, when can we hear it!?

I've just been shamelessly begging her for new music, but never with the intention of making her feel bad. I doubt she lets that kind of things get to her though. A tough girl from the Bronx, you know. She's just too good!

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