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Melissa Trinchere

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Hahha, I posted the link to the videos on a Fiona Apple board I post's what someone said:

"please dont take this the wrong way but that vid is not doing you any favours, it sounds like it was recorded on a fisher-price "my first tape recorder" and then dropped in a bowl of hot soup."

hahah, he's so right - it's a terrible recording...but you guys have been asking for didn't say it had to be good quality!

Be careful what you wish for GEORGE! Razzer

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I didn't do any Reg covers at that gig...but I did last night and someone from the Fiona Apple board recorded my TWO REGINA COVERS!!!!

On a GOOD camera!!! Let's hope he's gonna be nice and actually post them on there, and when he does, I will transfer them to the stix.

I did "Ode To Divorce" and "December".

From what I can remember, I didn't pull off the latter as much as the former.

That was the best version of O.T.D. I've done, EVER (at least in my mind it was! lol!)

I'll keep you all updated!

Oh here's what I played at the Genghis Cohen show (my songs):



Stuck On You (new song!)

Impostor (new song!)

A Death In Venice

Dreams (new song!)

Death & Taxes

Tell Me Why (a Capella)

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I know! I was reading that and I went "WHERE'S REGINA?!?!?!?"

Reg has been my BIGGEST influence these past couple of years, she's changed my entire songwriting process and broadened my scope and, her influence has made me a better songwriter.

It will be easier to see on my upcoming albums stay tuned everybody Wink

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