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Melissa Trinchere

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hehe, I never lived in San Diego! I wish!

But yes, George is right...I go back and forth...yet I will be in Ireland this time for a lot longer than I ever have...

I'm keeping a secret for a little bit Wink


Go download my 5 songs NOW! Before it's too late! Next Wednesday I'm taking the download option off.

It's just on my myspace player, so click the download button and enjoy - you have to do one thing for me though, play it for someone and PASS THEM ON! Please :-)

go here, download, be merry!

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I know, I know! I will, really...

I'm just not at the point I need to be to travel out of state for gigs.

I promise next year, I PROMISE. No matter what.

And to Dominic as well, I know I've left Ireland without doing a gig in Donegal...but I AM doing an Irish tour sometime.

I will make it up to you Dominic!

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That is so sent me an e-mail and I didn't get it?

Did you send it to this e-mail address?

(if you leave off that "t" after's another e-mail address entirely)

I don't want you and Jessica to think I've forgotten about your street team participation, I'm just really struggling right now. This indie thing is tough!

You will be heavily rewarded for your patience though Big Grin

Oh and Dominic, I hope you had a good summer!

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Hey guys!

My friend Patrick just gave me some videos he recorded of me (on his phone) when I played at Borders last November...

The quality is BAD. The sound is all crunchy and weird and the video is all pixelated and you can barely hear the piano...

Here is my cover of Reggie's "The Flowers"

it's not my best performance of the song Wink

also there are 2 of my own songs on my myspace video page!

(I tried to upload them on youtube but they wouldn't play right!)

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