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Kate Nash

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She's getting some attention the Netherlands too. Last week I was switching channels on the TV and tuned in to the national showbizz/tv-tabloid show RTLboulevard... and there she was being interviewed. She doesn't only sound like Regina Spektor (music), she has the same fashion-attitude/style (prefers vintage clothes). The influence is apparent. Made me wonder, is she influenced by, or imitating? I remember an article posted here where Regina described her clothing style and Kate Nash practically said the same as she did!

But then, even if she's influence by Regina, I can't imagine her acts to be like a Spektor-tribute act. They might just like the same things.

I'm always interested about why some artists sound similar. The reasons can be manifold... and if there's a lot of artists who sound similar you have a genre (there's always a "godfathert/mother", and then comes the offspring) Razzer

Could this be the start of SPianEKTORock? Fidelityfolk? Jazz-blues-pop-punk-folk-rock?

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