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Stepped On A Syringe

Brümstix respekt: Rules, Guidlines, and advisories

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:


If you are new to posting on the stix, this list sums up many guidelines. Existing members should also take note:

* The SEARCH function is your friend. Have a question? See if someone already answered it before you post.

*Consider searching RESPEKT Online or Regina Spektor (dot) Net to find songs or various multimedia.

* Can I find the information I seek in any other part of the site? Sometimes the news page or quotes section has what you are looking for.

* Is there already a thread created for what I am about to post? Try to find it; two posts about the same thing is just unnecessary and takes place on the topic list.

* Did you come here to post "regina sucks" or something equally contributive to the forum? You are just wasting your own time, buddy.

* Don't post in all caps (LIKE THIS) in the topic or message body. It just makes it harder to read, and looks really bad. Be courteous when posting and act accommodating towards all people.

* Freedom of speech is a fallacy. Don't say everything and anything just because you can.

* Refrain from Political, Racist or Religious comments or threads on the stix.

* No calling people out. For example starting a thread to ask something of someone. Use e-mail for this.

* Respekt the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity or proprietary rights.

*Utilize the 'Other' and 'Stories' sections to post personal or otherwise "off-topic" posts, this way keeping our forum clean and organized!

(thank you MWC for the template_)

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