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Em Mitchell

Driving Test

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Well done Suih! Big Grin

I decided today I don't like my driving instructor... She's Greek and she's yells at me! Then talks really fast in Greek to other Greek people and it might be just me getting a complex but I always feel like she's telling them how bad my driving is lol

But I digress. Congratulations and I hope you've started a winning streak for your fellow stixers in the same boat.

Eeep no pressure! Lets hope so, we'll have a mexican wave of passes. Smiler

Well done again, I'm so pleased for you.

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It's easy to understand why you think they're talking about you. Anytime we get in those situations it is human nature to feel that way. Paranoia will destroy ya! Razzer

They're probably just envious of your beautiful hair.

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