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Em Mitchell

Abstinence.. No, not like that

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I'm leaving tomorrow for France soon and i'll be away for Christmas and New years. So happy Christmas and happy New years to everybody if i don't have any internet out there.

you stay classy brumstix.

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Originally posted by Em Mitchell:

I dunno how long it'll be before I get the internet set up when I'm at uni, or if I'll even have time to get on the internet (Cambridge is known for it's crazy nightlife) so I'm gonna use this thread for the fifth time to say adios mes amigos!

(I don't speak spanish, so forgive me if I've used the wrong possesive article)

More like the nonexistent possessive article. Razzer No offense.

Anyway, tomorrow at three in the morning we're leaving for Mexico to visit the kinfolk for probably a week. I'm going to miss all of you. Yes, ALL of you. Smiler

Merry Christmas to everyone! Big Grin

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