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Em Mitchell

Abstinence.. No, not like that

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well.. im leaving for a while. i was just informed today that i will be leaving for a 24/7 health observation place or whatever xD. i knew it might be coming due to my abnormal health problems as of late, but they only showed up about a month ago (right after school let out, i mean at least it waited for the stress to be over!).. examples: periods where i am starving and i can't eat enough, and then times where i can't eat at all. days where i can't focus my vision, days where it's hard to do much of anything physical. its just not fun, and i wont share the extra fun details Wink

i don't know how long ill be gone, due to the tests they will do on me. the results will determine how long i will have to stay there. but i leave for it in about five hours.

it seems really nice, its got a tennis court, olympic pool, pool table room and other nice things. but i mean its hard.. i can call people whenever, but its just really hard to deal with not having the assurance that i will wake up and see my parents every day. but i will try to make the best of it. they said they will try to visit me when possible, but its kind of hard to drive an hour and a half to see me. i know its inconvinient.

i will have very limited internet access, but ill live. i just want to have these annoying problems solved. so, im going to pack, and i am taking all of my sheet music with me! they have a baby grand *shock*.

but i will try to update you guys when possible. so, i hope all goes well when i leave. im going to miss all of yah,

and sorry if i seem crabby as of late, it was just getting really hard not knowing whether or not i would be okay or if i would suddenly fall out today etc.. and we have been to several doctors, but the symptoms are so random they dont really know what is going on, so this is what they highly recommend. so, that is that.

so, i am off to pack, and my zune is top priority. and when far gets to my house i will have my special far delivered to me (by my parents) at the clinic Big Grin!

so, i will miss you stix, but i am going to try and keep my chin up.

wish me luck, and i am off to find out what is wrong with me Smiler *hopefully not too much*

bye :*

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I'm so sorry, I really hope they find out what it is quickly.

(which will be after Far's release??) We shall need your opinion on some songs when you return


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