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Who likes anime?

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bwaha barnes and noble had it today, im definitely borrowing my parents dvd player. mine broke..

but yaaaaaay more crazy technology Big Grin

i hate it when the blue robots die Frowner sad episode. *cant remember the blue robots, shoot me im sorry i just cant remember*

TACHIKOMA!!!!!! *unfails fail*

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ah! i just found out my new friend loves anime too! we are most definitely going to the movie room and watching the first season of Ghost in the Shell SAC eeeeee. its my favorite season.

and she hasnt even seen it yet!!! tsk tsk! bad anime fan.

ha i told her to have a sharp mind prepared, my other friends cant comprehend it cause its so fast moving. i love how you have to pay attention to every little detal though. it (among a lot of other amazing elements) is what makes this show so different.

but eee i effin love the major. even if *s*he really is a guy. amazing show.

ha triple post!

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<_< at least i thought. but it is raining :\ no tennis. well at least we get to watch SAC more

oh wait.

no i remember now

she is a woman


i just remember that episode when Batou was like "so why do you always choose the female prosthetics?"

and he was just teasing her masculinity. but then i remembered that i asked on an anime forum and she is a woman, someone asked one of the directors and he said yes she was female.

i have a sketchy memory. jeez. sorry Big Grin

EDIT: but also in the translation from manga to anime, the major was bi in the manga, but they feared that it might lose some of the popularity, so they made her straight in the anime. but she always liked Batou in the manga and the anime.

ALSO: i cant actually confirm that she is female. her prosthetics say so, and so does her ghost. but ick, this is touchy.

because she has the laughing man's ghost's memories in her... so it just gets touchy, youd have to read the manga, which my friend, is worth it, but kinda not. cause its SO LOOOOOONG.

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for me my fave is my first love.

heehee, Neon Genesis Evangelion is my absolute faaaaaaave.

oh my god so good, i really need to buy the Platinum edition..

i just could relate to shinji's character so well.. definitely one of the famous anime classics.

afdklf;jasdfkj i found a download site for it Big Grin even if i have to read damn subtitles the show is amazing.

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