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Jenny's got a new song

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My copy of 'transmitter failure' and the jenny/jukebox the ghost 7" came in the mail today! I haven't listened to the record since its release because I was waiting to order it from her website ('cause her merch always comes with extra goodies) so I'm super excited to finally listen!

She also sent me a handwritten lyric sheet for 'Nighty Night'. I sqeed.

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Ooo enjoy, I think I like it better than the last.

Sidenote: I got to meet Jenny on Saturday when we both attended the same show. I got to talk to her quite a bit and told her that nobody had better giver her shit about the album being "different" because I love it. Also, her touring is continuing- as she opens for MAE throughout the fall.

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I finally saw Jenny Owen Youngs play live for the first time Friday. She was opening for the band MAE in Akron, and, unfortunately there were like 3 bands slated to play before her. Luckily I didn’t show up until like 2 hours after doors (so unlike me I know!), but since it was just me, I was a jerk and shoved through the crowd and planted myself in the second row for Deas Vail, who were actually pretty good. It was about 9 billion degrees in the venue and packed with mainly 16-18 year olds. Being overcome with some strange intuition, I moved, after the Deas Vail set, to the right side of the stage, where Jenny subsequently emerged to and set her mic DIRECTLY in front of me. After sound checking she proceeded to rock everyone’s faces off with her set. Virtually nobody even knew who she was, but after the first song, I heard the girls behind me remark, "Wow...she’s sassy. In a good way." Jenny was much much much different live than on her albums, she definitely rocks harder.

I recorded everything, which was admittedly somewhat difficult because I was, literally, 2 feet away. I could’ve reached out and played the chords on her guitar. Basically it was awesome! But all the videos are sideways, so I could fit more than just her face in. haha


Led to the Sea

Drinking Song

If I Didn't Know


Fuck Was I

Start & Stop

Afterwards, I moved out of the sweltering crush of high-schoolers and went over to the merch table where Jenny and her bandmates appeared at almost immediately. I told her I was there, as I had promised this summer, and she seemed to remember me when I said that. She came over and half-hugged me, but freaked out slightly because she was so sweaty. I didn’t really care, I was disgusting too. Then another guy came over (I think he and I were the only people in the place who’d come specifically for Jenny) and asked me to take a picture for him. Then, I asked her to sign a picture I’d brought, and when she saw it, she exclaimed, "oh my, of all the pictures, in all the land, THIS is the one you bring?!" I told her I liked it, and I was seeing Ingrid the next night, so it seemed like a good idea. We continued talking for a bit. I mentioned that I was rather taken aback by the crowd that was there, and she noted that MAE has a serious following of 16-year-olds. I never dreamed THAT would be the audience with which I’d experience a JOY show. Very, not her.

Finally, may I point out how unbelievably nice it is to walk up to someone and just start talking about Regina and know that they know exactly who/what you’re talking about without any explanation. I asked her if she and regina had purposely coordinated their previous albums so that they’d both have the nickname BTH. She was like, "wow, that’s a really good question, but no actually. It took a while to notice that. It was totally a coincidence." After more, "you were awesome." "No, thank you for coming, you’re awesome," I told her to have fun in Europe, and she responded, "I’ll try" and I was like, "uhhh you’ll try?!?! It’s Europe [thinking- and regina!]!!!" and she was like, "oh you’re right, I guess I won’t really have to try."

I went and watched a few songs of MAE’s set. And decided I was allowed to leave, so I did. Outside, Jenny was on the sidewalk talking on the phone. She came and shook my hand and thanked me again for coming. And I asked if What Beats within was something she could do live. (Yeah, screw whoever was on the phone...) She said, "yes, what day?" lol. I said I was just curious since I hadn’t seen any live videos of it, and it’s one of my favorites on the album. She said it would "take a lot of practice, because it’s really hard to sing." But next time she’s, "out and about in America" she’ll "put it on the set list." =) Completely awesome night, especially, because I felt like I kinda made her happy by knowing her and being there.

Here is the masterpiece that my weekend culminated in. ahhhHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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