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new year's resolutions

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This will be my first one since I joined to this lovely family just this year. The year is about to end, so, here it is:

1. Get a driver's license.

2. Get a car.

3. Decide where I should go to school and what I want to study.

4. Go to Regina's concert again.

5. Be more open and don't be afraid of people.

6. Work out and get my biceps and abs back.

7. Get a new guitar.

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1. Procrastinate a lot less

2. Eat less, exercise more

3. Be nicer (according to one of my classmates, I'm meaner this year than I was last's probably true, because of stress)

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Okay, all right. My goals and resolutions for 2012.

- live.

- achieve things.

- snooze less.

- develop a morning routine.

- speak better. think better. write better. act better. talk better.

- be nicer. be smoother. be suave. be charming and clever. be awesome.

- emulate Woody Guthrie -

- exercise more.

- be present. stop avoiding experiencing emotions and events by being clinical and dispassionate and looking at things like an outsider or a tourist.

- take responsibility.

- procrastinate less, but also allow myself creative free time by getting obligatory shit done first.

- stay focused. Be present during moments. Control my wandering mind.

- try to fix myself without use of stimulants or pills or drugs.

- get therapy somehow.

- find some way to enjoy myself in the midst of the loads and loads of work I'll be doing next semester, lest I lose my mind. Having unpleasant surroundings makes it all the more difficult to survive there. (stealing this from Henry Gale)

- continue being celibate and sober. Observe teetotalism.

- participate in the weekly Project Enrichment challenges -

- compliment people more.

- learn something anything every fucking day.

- drink more water or milk and orange juice.

- blog / journal / diary more.

- write more courtesy thank-you and follow-up notes or messages.

- get on top of things and stay on top.

- waste less time.

- start using planner again.

- apply for more internships/scholarships.

- do exercises when not unassigned, actually do recommended/optional homework.

- study more in advance. Keep up with class instead of pushing it off and then cramming.

- go to concerts I want to.

- regret not doing things less.

- develop and sustain a platonic relationship with someone.

- quit fapping. (sorry that you have to see this)

- be a better friend.

- dress better. feel better about myself.

- be less awkward and self-conscious.

- be less lonesome.

- learn to whistle.

- improve posture.

- work on desk more instead of camping on my bed.

- improve handwriting.

- donate my time to venerable causes.

Summer goals:

- read literature. Read rest of John Green. Read Submarine by Joe Dunthorne. Read hipster cult favorites.

- make a dent on my to-read and to-watch list. Read at least 20 books this summer.

- clean my room (lol).

- organize, catalog, and file my shit.

- practice guitar/piano (for real).

- learn French.

- reconnect with old friends.

*These goals are so vague that I'm bound to not fulfill them. It's best to break down goals into specific smaller goals.

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1. Continue to improve my musical talents and grow as an artist.

2. Have good times.

3. Have an overall better year and stay strong.

Thank gosh it's a new year! Happy New Year everyone!

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- Ride at least 3 times a week. When I was little, even last year, I went to the barn at least 6 days a week, and even though my homework/rehearsal schedule doesn't allow that anymore I have to ride more than I have been.

- Read a lot. Make time to read.

- As cliche as it is, I need to live in the present more. I spend so much time worrying what if.

Here is a picture of my horse & me for good measure.



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-Start swimming again.

-Get one of my friends to start going to free yoga with me

-Stay in school, pass my classes.

-Finish editing my novel. Look into ways to get money from said novel.

-Finish the other novel.

-Cook good healthy food more often.

-Improve my food-body-mind relationship.

-Get my smart serve and be trained on bar.

-Get painting/screen printing again.

I think thats about it, they seem reasonable enough...

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Thanks for that 3-minute TED Talk, but I've tried that.

I keep a lot of goals to myself. Like wanting to travel across Europe. I'm telling it to you, but I haven't let on my family. I don't want to go to Europe for a week to attend a relative's wedding or funeral or whatever, I want to participate in a foreign exchange program and immerse myself in different cultures while I'm still young and single.

The excercise of posting on here isn't to get people to think better of you for your ambitious goals. The point is for yourself to actually set goals for yourself and recognize what those goals are and take steps to be conscientious about them and realize them.

Also, I think it can be helpful to tell people your goals, because then they can advise you. Maybe they can tell you it's not a practical goal or maybe they can give you tips or advice or whatever.

An awesome and true quote by Mark Twain:

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) American author

The key is to break up your goals into smaller tasks. Otherwise, you'll feel like it's a gargantuan burden and you'll be intimidated by it.

Don't wait for the perfect moment to arise. It won't come. There never will be a perfect time for anything. Don't wait for moods. Just go do. Go forth and do good.

Newton's First Law applies as much to your action and inaction as it does to a train.

"All objects in motion will stay in motion and all objects at rest will stay at rest, unless an unbalanced force acts upon them."

In the beginning, it's not about results! It's about not stopping.

If you're having trouble, don't worry about it. Just remember the Law of Intertia and keep going.

Too many people focus to much on the spark that ignites the flame, when really its the kindling of the flame that keeps the fire going.

When the wind gets rough, you gotta keep the flame going. Kindle that fire you have, and your fire inside will eventually become a roaring flame.

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