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new year's resolutions

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Ted talk guy has a point, but he did say that if you need to announce it do it in a way that gives you no satisfaction. I feel like posting here isnt quite the same as telling close friends. For what its worth though, lennonist, I think you have some pretty solid goals and I will totally kick your ass if you dont accomplish some.

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Thanks Shira! That means more to me than you know. Please do kick my ass if I don't accomplish them. You are a good friend. =^)

I have a lot of goals in my life. I swear to the ghost of Elliot Smith that I will learn to play and sing some songs by The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Noah & The Whale and hopefully Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, and Led Zeppelin too. I hope that on when I'm old and weary, I am not plagued by regret, but can say that I lived and did some good and can play "I Did It My Way" by Frank Sinatra for myself:

And I'll hold you to at least some of your goals.

Writing a novel is ambitious. (I think I could do a short-story or a novella, but that's probably it.) Have you heard of - National Novel Writing Month is November 1-30, in which people try to write 50,000 words of a novel, about 2000 words per day. A subset of the nerdfighteria community (based around John Green's books and vlog) is very into it. There's also Script Frenzy April for screenwriting and stage plays.

Whelp, can't believe it's finally 2012. My hand has been accidently writing 2012 on papers and now it is. Let's make this year better than the previous ones.


pastebin: j3kGKiBb

So my New Year's resolution is to make a New Year's resolution...

Okay, all right. My goals and resolutions for 2012.

- live.

- achieve things.

- snooze less.

- develop a morning routine.

- speak better. think better. write better. act better. talk better.

- be nicer. be smoother. be suave. be sexy. be charming and clever. be awesome.

- emulate Woody Gurthie -

- exercise more.

- be present. stop avoiding experiencing emotions and events by being clinical and dispassionate and looking at things like an outsider or a tourist.

- take responsibility.

- procrastinate less, but also allow myself creative free time by getting obligatory shit done first.

- stay focused. Be present during moment. Control my wandering mind. Without use of stimulants or pills or drugs.

- get therapy somehow.

- find some way to enjoy myself in the midst of the loads and loads of work I'll be doing next semester, lest I lose my mind. Having unpleasant surroundings makes it all the more difficult to survive there. (stealing this from Henry Gale)

- continue being celibate and sober. Observe teetotalism.

- participate in the weekly Project Enrichment challenges -

- compliment people more.

- learn something anything every fucking day.

- drink more milk and orange juice.

- blog / journal / diary more.

- write more courtesy thank-you and follow-up notes or messages.

- get on top of things and stay on top.

- waste less time.

- start using planner again.

- apply for more internships/scholarships.

- do exercises when not unassigned, actually do recommended/optional homework.

- study more in advance. Keep up with class instead of pushing it off and then cramming.

- go to concerts I want to.

- regret not doing things less.

- develop and sustain a platonic relationship with someone.

- quit fapping. (sorry that you have to see this)

- be a better friend.

- dress better. feel better about myself.

- be less awkward and self-conscious.

- be less lonesome.

- learn to whistle.

- improve posture.

- work on desk more instead of camping on my bed.

- improve handwriting.

- donate my time to venerable causes.

Summer goals:

- read literature. Read John Green. Read 'Submarine'. Read hipster cult favorites.

- clean my room (lol).

- organize, catalog, and file my shit.

- practice guitar/piano (for real).

- learn French.

- reconnect with old friends.

*These goals are so vague that I'm bound to not fulfill them. It's best to break down goals into specific smaller goals.

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NaNoWriMo is acttually how I wrote the first novel, by the end of it I decided "Hey this isnt bad after all" and decided to get into editing. But it's from last year's november so I figure its about time I finished it up.

I'm feeling more and more like all I really want to do is write books. So that's one of my biggest goals - get published or online or something somehow.

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