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new year's resolutions

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Right i thought hard about this...Smiler

I'll probably end up editing this like a gizillion times...

1.Go to more than 1 concert in a year.

2.Think of a proper answer to questions and not "i don't mind or i don't care" *i'm terrible at making decisions*

3. When learning a piece...stick at IT!

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Originally posted by Em Mitchell:

Okay okay okay I've got some.

1. Pass driving test

2. Start Book Crossing

3. Stamp out cynical sarcasm

4. Work hard for my A Levels


5. Get accepted by my universities for medicine and become a supernerd/supergenius


6. Get rejected by my universities and fart around France for a year.

1. DONE! Big Grin

2. Nope not yet

3. Reduced, but not stamped out.

4. Ha! That has not happened. My A levels start in like 3 weeks and I am dooomed.

5 has started happening- got an offer from Cambridge, 6 ain't happening.

What about you, Amanda?

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