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new year's resolutions

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Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower:

1. get healthier

2. study more

3. finnish college applications

4. play more open mics

1. HA! not really. i gained 7 pounds over winter, but lately i've been jogging alot trying to get the poundage off.

2. hell yea, my grades are tops right now. i hink i might have all A's, except in Government.. curse you mr. jewel!

3. yup! got accepted (and a scholoarship) to Eastern Kentucky!!!!

4. i only played one open mic. but it was fun as hell.

all in all doing pretty good. this summer im hoping to loose weight before college, and have tons of fun!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Em Mitchell:

Okay okay okay I've got some.

1. Pass driving test

2. Start Book Crossing

3. Stamp out cynical sarcasm

4. Work hard for my A Levels


5. Get accepted by my universities for medicine and become a supernerd/supergenius


6. Get rejected by my universities and fart around France for a year.

1. Done!

2. Sadly not done..

3. Done!

4. Done!

5. Done!

Hell flipping yes. I know it's a bit early, it not even being December yet and all, but I thought I'd bump this thread before I forgot. Current ones are shaping up as..

1. Start Book Crossing (had to carry it over from last year)

2. Start a random act of kindness chain (I've sadly been neglecting my scheming since I've been here)

3. Socialise more

4. Ask her out

5. Get on top, and stay on top, of work

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Originally posted by ThePoetsLove:

Mainly to: Give up smoking.

So far, so good!!

Also to get a job as soon as I get back to uni, becaus I have discovered I can't live entirely off my student loan!!

I have more or less given up smoking. sorta.

I never got a job. But I will, so im carrying that over to next year.

I'm also adding: stop being so bloody anxious about everything, cos im gonna give myself a stomach ulcer.

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BUMP - for 2009.

1. Lose 20 lbs by August.

2. Complete NVQ Lvl 3

3. Take more photographs to document my time in Cyprus.

4. Upon returning to the UK mid 2009, priority number one is to see Regina, depending on her tour/plans for new record.

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Originally posted by kandi:

it's not like the new year is going to be any different than the year we're already in.

<Engineer>Well, there's no "new year" after all. Jan. 1 is not any different than the rest 364 days. We need numbers and names in order to organize our lives in a better way. Other than this reason, it's useless and causes an overrated series of events. Besides, why do people celebrate it anyway? Everyone has a limited amount of time and they're happy with running out of it? Have they accomplished all of their goals? If not, then it's plain unreasonable. </Engineer>

On the other hand, life is like cooking. Without spices, the food would just not be that enjoyable. These dates that we've made up (new year, valentines, birthday, mother's/father's day...) are some of the spices I could name. Besides, it's fun and I totally disagree with you: every second differs from the other, let alone the whole year. Everything you experience and everyone you meet changes you slightly. These changes may not be noticeable as they are tiny details but if you evaluate the past year, you can see that in overall, they make you better, more understanding and more patient. Thus, effecting the decisions you will be making in the future.

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