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new year's resolutions

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Originally posted by dentistgirl:

1. Continue avoiding remediation

2. Stop eating massive quantities of Sun Chips

3. Start following a normal sleep schedule

gotta love looking at these things seeing how I accomplished nothing.

1. oops, it was only one exam though...

2. This one YES! I ate no more than 1 bag per month, which is a grand improvement.

3. uhhh, my sleep schedule is now more unhealthy than ever.

Making new ones...


2. SLEEP more than 4 hours consecutively every night

3. Finish reading at least some of the books I've started this year

4. Travel to more places I've never been (which really shouldn't be too hard if regina keeps on touring. :P)

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Great thread! Here are mine:

1. Be more spontaneous! If I end up embarrassing myself, so be it.

2. Be less hard on myself. I'm actually kind of awesome; I just need to realize it.

3. Improve time management skills. Seriously, how many hours do I just waste?

4. Read more. I almost never read lately and it's pathetic.

5. Quit this "people-pleasing" thing I do. I can't make everyone happy, and the way I'm handling things right now is creating "mixed loyalties."

6. Be more patient with my family.

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It is my personal belief that making an official new year's resolution is an assurance that it will never be followed. Nonetheless, I am going to humor this topic and compile a short list of adjustments I really should be making soon:

-Stop procrastinating. This became a serious issue for me at the start of the previous semester and I have no idea how I got out of there with an intact 3.7 GPA. I can and must do better than this; time is no longer mine to carelessly waste.

-Stay focused. My wandering mind is what makes procrastination so easy for me to begin with.

-Find some way to enjoy myself in the midst of the loads and loads of work I'll be doing next semester, lest I lose my mind. Having unpleasant surroundings makes it all the more difficult to survive there.

-Cope with the constant scheduling breaks the final season of Lost will undoubtedly be subjected to, as past seasons have endured. This one's going to be especially hard for me.

-Lastly, more optimism! I could sure use a shinier outlook.

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Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting:

I don't have many resolutions this time around...because I usually never do most of them...but all these I am DETERMINED to do, no matter what:

1. Release a professional studio recorded album

2. Complete a tour of the U.S.A.!!!

3. Be an opening act for a bigger band/artist

4. Attend at least 2 music conferences

That's it! All music related...all things I should be able to do!

2009 here we come!!!!

Hey look at that! I did 3 out of 4 (well, with #4 I only attended one music conference, not two...)

That's pretty good!

So for 2010...

1. Actually do a U.S. Tour, no matter how small.

2. Release another studio album.

3. Leave the country!

4. Move out of the high desert!!!!!

2010 here we come!!!

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1. Meet Regina!!!!!! Big Grin

2. Do better in school, and to not have such a stressful school year.

3. Have a better relationship with my family

4. Have a great Year of listening to Reg, talking on Brumstix, and basically everything else Regina related.

5. And to have fun!

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