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whoa congrats Ezra!!! i havent seen you in a while! we missed you Smiler

but my good news, is that i found a friend at la clinique. she is into good music, and i am making her listen to reg Big Grinalso the grand piano in this place is AMAZING. it was recently tuned and it is perfectttttttttttttttt. so shiny.

but i am enjoying my time, even if it isnt the most enjoyable place to glad i found someone who likes the same things as me Smiler

and i do miss you stix. but i think im going to play tennis in a few minutes. Big Grin its a nice court! gotta get out before it gets too hot.

adios <3

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Reg songs I can play. Yay!



On the Radio

Field Below

Apres Moi

20 Years of Snow

That Time

Summer in the City


Music Box



Genius Next Door

Carbon Monoxide

Bobbin' for Apples

Ghost of the Corporate Future

Time is All Around

The Flowers

Baby Jesus

Consequence of Sounds



Ode to Divorce

Poor Little RIch Boy


Chemo Limo



Folding Chair


Patron Saint


Dust to Dust

I Cut off My Hair


Begin to Hope


Small Town Moon

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eeeeeee i get to go home today!!!

my problemos were three things, each of which overlappped each other.

Problem A causes two problems

Problem B causes one problem, but also resolves one of Problem A's symptoms

Problem C cause three problems, but also resolves Problem B.

it was really confusing to the doctors and yaaaaaay im all better now that im on meds Big Grin i get to go hooooooome for fathers dayyyyyyyyyy


ah i miss my dog xD also i joined to GIF revolution Smiler i made it meeself

oh, i can play

The Flowers


Ode To Divorce

All The Rowboats

On The Radio


and i can play parts of

Pavlov's Daughter

Love Affair


Another Town

Rockland County (im really kicking myself cause i knew it all once, but forgot the part beyond the pretty high notes)


ALSO: i was just informed i get to leave foreverrrr Big Grin eee, excitement. ill miss my friend though :\ she is getting out soon too, but i will mos definitely text her..

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I highly recommend that everyone takes a moment to lay out in the sun and blast folding chair and dance anthem!

It's quite an amazing moment

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Originally posted by bum bum bum:

I would love to, but I have hardly seen the sun around here for two weeks! Eeker

and our hopes are being dashed for what was supposed to be a turnaround week, finally. i think we're in Seattle...

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