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Originally posted by dentistgirl:

My pseudo-sister, who is even younger that my real sister, just got engaged!!! Very exciting, but another reminder that i am so elderly and unproductive in life...

I'm very glad for her. Smiler Hehe you're not unproductive at all, becoz there is always exact/right time when things should happen. My sister had a baby when she was my age, it doesn't mean i should have one now too. Smiler We are never old to meet someone special in our lives. Wink

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Wow, Fidelity that Tori Amos channel on YouTube is amazing, she has almost as many YouTube videos as I have captured! Big Grin

I only saw Tori live the one time, but I still enjoy her music, so thanks for that. Cool

I now look forward to your "Regina Channel". Roll Eyes

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as i've mentioned before, a small ensemble will be performing Left Hand Song at a school talent show that's being held for Haiti relief. Big Grin

pracctice is going well, and the show's in a few days (a week from tomorrow!)

I'm playing the piano, one girl is singing, another girl is playing the cello in place of the violin, and my roommate and our friend are going to dance, if they work out the moves in time.

I've already recruited a recorder, so of course you guys will get to see! Wink

wish us luck!!! i hope it all goes well! Big Grin

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