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thanks! Lauren insisted on having her usual midwestern accent on that part, so i volunteered anna to jump in and do it new york style! Big Grin it's one of my favorite regina moments, for sure haha and anna really wanted it to be different, too Wink

Congrats on the paper! it's really cool that you could do one on a regina song. What was the subject/assignment? Religion, or something slightly less related... ?

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it was to do a Freudian analysis of basically anything we wanted. So i basically analyzed the song as i thought freud would analyze a dream. I actually ended up barely even mentioning religion, but I think i'll add it in my revision. would probably make it more interesting

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Originally posted by Be like the water, people.:


we just got back from the show, and overall it went quite well! Smiler

there are a couple of mess-ups, but i just watched it... Anyway, i'll post it for you guys asap. (i'm so happy!)


Oh I loved it, so well done girls! Violoncello and piano sounded so cool! ^^ The girl sang very good, i liked that yeah yeah yeah too. Big Grin

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