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I just got published in the campus paper for the first time, and my second article is coming out in a week!

that's awesome!! I used to be really active in my student newspaper, but I'm a broadcast journalism major so I had to switch to tv. I'm an intern at the local #1 news station in Denver, if you ever get the chance to switch over from print to tv, DO IT!!! so fun

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I would show my picture of my wallet but that would take some sort of technical skill to upload, which I dont have.

Telling my side of the story. I was standing at Jacks concert waiting for him to finish setting up, and all of a sudden Regina walks up and stands right next to me. My heart sank and and I stood there dumbfounded for about 5 mins.Once I finaly regained conscousness I asked her to take a picture with me but of course all I had was my crappy camera phone so you couldnt see a thing.She was nice about it, and Im pretty sure I was blabbering like an idiot the whole time.

Then I spotted people I thought were brumstixers...they gave me the wierdest look when I asked them, so then I asked the guy standing next to them because I thought he looked familular and ta da it was esbach! He saved my life and got my sorry ass to walk back up to Regina and talk to her a little bit (more verbal diahrea). She was with Adria Petty and they were saying how they were excited for the movie to come out. The rest is kind of blurr, but I can assure you I said none of what I wanted to say and everything I didnt want to. lol.

Thanks for dealing with my frazzled ass Aaron, I swear Im not usally this crazy.

We'll consider last night a dry run, hopefully I can pull myself together for monday and tuesday :P

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Yea, there was no cover and I don't think there was a drink minimum. If there was, they weren't enforcing it, perhaps because the place was extremely crowded.

They did collect tips for the bands, so hopefully everyone gave generously.

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