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I was very relieved to hear recently that, after a rough first semester with an unfortunate roommate, I'm going to have a single room next semester. College did not exactly start out great for me, and I'm really hoping that this will help to turn things around.

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Hello all, I like the facelift! I still think of all the nice people on here that put up with me some time ago. Anyways, bring on the good news.

I got conquered the ~14% acceptance rate and was admitted to my dream university (Washington University in St. Louis, you should google it!) with nice scholarship. I'm majoring in biomed engineering.

I got first chair baritone in my state.

I'm valedictorian of my peeps in my class.

I have a 13 weeks left of high school :)

I'm trying to come to terms with who I am in certain regards.

I dunno, I don't boast or brag to my friends, I just want to share how happy all this good news makes me. I'm just excited for now and the future.

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