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George! Thank you =) I already made that decision and now I really know what to do!

Sometimes I can be very cynical and expect the worst, so I'm kinda expecting something bad to happen to Damien so that I missed my only chance of seeing him. But then I realized it would be a million times worse if something happened to one of my friends. Decision making on a higher level.

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I'll give it a try.

1- A few minutes ago i was informed that Fiona Apple's not coming to my country because she has to take care of her dog with Addison's disease.

2- I love chicken.

3- I really need to sleep now because i have to get up early tomorrow. Fck insomnia.

4- I hate final exams.

5- I hope i can get rid of my Athlete's foot (ew.)

6- Last but not the least important: Regina, please come to Argentina :[!

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