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Jennifer Saunders Worship Thread

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Hey I remember you!!! (I am Bibby over there)

I can't believe how long I havnt posted over there for....I just got busy for a bit so didnt post for a while and then ages went by without me realising and then i hadnt posted in a few months but i never really worked up the courage to post again after so long.

but now I might do. Amanda and Stephanie (are you from Victoria? is that why?) you have inspired me!! I miss JenTalk!!

Should I post in introduce yourself again? Should I try and find my first introduce yourself thread? Should I just reregister and pretend im a completely different person to avois the shame of admitting i havnt posted in months and months? so many decisions!!

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Haha Bibby, of course I remember you. Then you disappeared Frowner, but I saw the other day that you had revived your welcome. It's good to have you back Smiler

I'm Victoria on the Jennifer forum because it was the first forum I'd ever joined, back when the internet was still quite new to me, and for some reason thought it would be safer to use a different name. And now it's stuck and I kind of like it.

Sorry boring story really, I should have just made up some cool story like I'm hiding from the government or something. But then I wouldn't go putting it on the internet...or would I Cool

Anyhoo, I wonder what it is about Jennifer and Regina (apart from the obvious, incredible talent, gorgeous looks, genuinely lovely, etc) that makes them have similar fans

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