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i reported a post or two from all we are doing,

cos, honestly, do you see gluing lamb vaginas to a violins construtive, appropriate, or having anything to do with the said topic?

now i did NOT tell mod to delete all your posts, i simply notified the mod, and left a brief note stating that i didn't find this appropriate or relevant to anyone's conversations, and i didn't expect much to happen. so, yeah i reported a post from you, because it needed to be reported: it was crude, sometimes vulgar, and off the wall. ultimately, it was mod's decision to do what he/she wanted, i was simply tired of sifting through psychobabble to get to the actual conversations..

i'm sorry that all of your posts got deleted, but it was mod's decision in the end.

good day to you.

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Originally posted by baby jesus:

There's a fly in my room that won't die! Mad

haha ohhh damn. Is it making that weird dying buzzing...zzzzuzing noise?

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