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Originally posted by busology82:

Uagh, my mom threw out the sub I was saving from last night! Also, just now I scraped the crap put of my leg with a button while putting on pants.

This day's gonna suck.

Or maybe you've gotten the bad stuff out of the way and the rest is going to be awesome! I hope that's the case.

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so today i ran over my toe with the computer chair haha. it didn't hurt that bad but then i looked down and it was bleeding so yeah. haha im so clumsy. i hurt myself everyday...

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tomorrow i must go back to school.

i made a list of things to accomplish over spring break and ended up watching movies like the whole time.

movie list:

coal miners daughter



in her shoes

science of sleep

orange county

practical magic

shoot em up

mr and mrs smith

american beauty

and theres probably more i just can't remember...

but hands down the best line of all the movies i watched this week was in orange county by jack black. "you want me to get naked and start the revolution" that is just... pricelesss.

or it actually could've been sissy spacek saying "the harder i laugh the hornier my husband gets" hahaha.


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Originally posted by Brenna:

So does breaking a nail Frowner Honestly, it does. I grow mine out really long, and so when they break, I get really sad.

i know the feeling! and you always feel so petty complaining about it, but when you put effort into them it is a disappointment, especially when you break one and have to cut all the others down to meet it, it's horrible!

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