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Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

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Man, I love threads where I talk to myself a lot. hehe

Anyway folks, just wanted to tell you about my amazingly wonderful Brandi Carlile experience Sunday night. I was a bit surprised to see that Brandi was returning to the Kent Stage, which is next to the middle of nowhere Ohio. Nevertheless, I excitedly scarfed up a ticket in the 3rd row and waited for months until the day came. I'd seen her there last year. It was a great show and the sound was actually quite amazing. The venue holds ~640 people, seated, so it is intimate as well as quaint.

Yesterday, was a gorgeous day. The complete diametric opposite to the day I saw her last show. Inside, after waiting ridiculously long because the tickets said the show started at 7:30 when wasn’t actually starting until 8... which means after 8, a band called Good Old War from Philadelphia opened. It was their first show on this tour. They weren’t bad. Their percussionist was pretty talented and played an accordion at one point.

Anyway, I was sitting right by the side door where the performers had to enter and leave through, so I got a good look at everybody. Wink

I kinda forgot about the cello having such a huge role in Brandi’s show, so when the set kicked off with a huge and impressive cello solo, it took all of my willpower to hold back tears. But, once Brandi came on stage and opened her mouth, an overwhelming sense of peace enveloped me- like "oh right, THIS is why I came here!" She seemed genuinely pleased to be back at that venue a second time. She gushed about how great the sound was last time and how nice we were to let her light real candles inside (since nobody else ever let them). Maybe she’s just a pro at being super ingratiating everywhere she goes, but I think the fact that she was BACK spoke volumes to her sincerity. (Since Kent Ohio isn’t really the big time, if you know what I mean...) She also said she reviewed the setlist from before to be sure she didn’t play the exact same songs for us, but was still concerned that she may be wearing the same outfit as last time. (For the record- she wasn’t.)

This review can’t even do justice to the concert that I witnessed last night. It was hands down, second only, in terms of pure musical ecstasy, to my first time seeing Regina. It was so strange. It felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. I felt like I had been totally lost in the music and had no idea that so much time had passed. Last time I saw Brandi, maybe it was my mood, my not having eaten, or my stress over driving in the snow, but it was definitely not this good for me. The other difference, this time, was, that the venue went really psycho about cameras. There were signs everywhere. We couldn’t take video, audio, or photos at all. So, as much as that outraged me, it was sort of a blessing in disguise. Since the whole room was still, and the darkness unbroken by flashes and LCDs, the atmosphere was even better. I felt myself going seamlessly from crying to a singing crescendo, to clapping to standing, and back again. I was essentially weeping during Turpentine, but then they had the interactive bit at the end of it which lightened the mood again. To their, and our, delight, they did two songs totally acoustic, unplugged, and it was awesome (I do have videos of those.) Brandi’s cover of "I’ve just seen a face" was incredible. Similarly, one of the other highlights for me was when the twins, Tim and Phil, came out at the beginning of the encore, mic stands crossed, and together sang Sound of Silence. It was literally better than the original. Beyond amazing. I don’t even know what else to say, I didn’t write a set list or anything I was having, like, an out of body experience or something, and it was delightful. The other thing I was super impressed by was their lighting. It was extremely basic but, the power of spots and extreme brightness at just the right moments burnt various images of Brandi wailing on her guitar and spinning away into nothingness in the back of my brain permanently. No kidding, I can still see them.

I think my point is that you all need to see her or at least listen to her albums. She’s different. She plays unique venues and does different things. She can be found playing acoustic shows one night and shows with a complete symphony orchestra the next. So really, pick your poison. Her band is great. The twins have beautiful voices, the cellist, Josh Neumann is very multi-talented, and they have a new drummer. When I say it, it seems like a lot going on, on stage, but Brandi has the voice that brings it all together. In my opinion, she has truly one of the best voices out there right now.

In order to redeem myself from not staying last time, I immediately planted myself outside at the bus to wait. Brandi, who was in the bus, went back in the venue to meet everyone who stayed there, promising she’d get back to us. She did. Her Give up the Ghost album cover is mostly black, so I took a silver sharpie for her to sign it with. A silver sharpie that has a lot of history, mind you all... So when it was my turn, I got to say hi, but despite wanting to, I couldn’t manage to say anything very productive. At that moment, I seriously wished I had written a note, because there were things I wanted to, and had the time to, say. Ah well. Some other kind waiters took pics with my camera (the only ones of the night). Then, as we parted, I realized that Brandi was still holding my sharpie. But I NEEDED it back! I felt like I was being a frivolous, ridiculous, super bitch taking it back from her hand. Afterall, she needed it, in a practical sense, more that I did. If only I could’ve explained that it’s more than just a sharpie to me, and I’m not just neurotic. ...or maybe that makes me neurotic.

Probably so, because, despite being on cloud 9 when I left the venue, as I drove back home, the pleasant sense of fulfillment in my heart slowly started to be replaced with a bit of something else. What it was exactly, I didn’t realize until I put the key in the door lock of my apartment- I felt selfish. (no, not because of the sharpie!) I felt selfish for having gone to the show alone, for having experienced something that amazing by myself, and for not having made any effort to drag any people I care about along to an event that could’ve potentially been life changing for them.

Seriously, I might be a freak.

Here are my stealthy videos.

Dying Day

Way To You


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Brandi enjoys playing at the out of the way venues. I have seen her at a couple off the beaten path now. She discusses her preference here:

I am going to see Brandi again with Sheryl Crow in Sept at Radio City Music Hall. That one is on the beaten path for sure... Cool

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Oh, thanks so much for that clip. Love Brandi always and even more so after this. And another Zooey to contribute to our lives!!! (not that the "original" Zooey Glass could sing...)

Between Reg at Other and this, what a great day it was.

Originally posted by andreseng:

Check out Brandi's contribution to the Record Store Day video compilation. It is the cutest thing (almost) ever!

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