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i like wonder bread

closest to death..

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fortunately that wasnt the case!

i asked the nurse and she said the woman was in her earlier twenties and she was beig put in this one because she was doing so well. Smiler

she got put in one closer to home because she is recovering so it made us happy.

then we donated some of Jamie's flowers to the girl after she got into her room Smiler she really appreciated it.

and Jamie enjoys her special wheelchair. XD

it has back/arm supports all over it so she doesnt injure her injuries.

haha Smiler

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Originally posted by i like wonder bread:

normal room with the helicopter landing pad view!!


we saw one a few minutes ago and it was cool.


we are getting better! Big Grin

Happy. =) It's getting better all the time.

And that's pretty sweet about the helicopters. One of my classes was in a room with huge windows on the top floor, so I had an excellent view of the helipad on top of the University Hospitals building. Highly captivating.

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