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i like wonder bread

closest to death..

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whee Smiler

i went over to jamies house yesterday.

twas quite fun. we just hung out and talked and played guitar Big Grin

Rosalina is such a beautiful guitar! she is jamie's dad's guitar, but he passed it down to her. very sweet.

she is candy red and *--* so awesome. i tuned her for jamie Wink she needed it hahaha.

we had lots of fun (:

i helped add detail paint to her room.

:\ idk what will happen between us. there is always chemistry, and we get dangerously close, but we know we shouldnt get together like that, because we might end up killing our relationship..

:\ idk..

but the cuddling is so nice ._. and and and we always continue the tradition of me laying on the couch then her laying beside me with my arms around her and we hold hands haha...

idk, i think we are feeling the same things.


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well make that 4-6 sorry,

i was just copying what jamie had told me over the phone.

i honestly dont konw when it was shot just by Jamie's words.

but April-August is only 4 months, so she couldve shot it anywhere from January '07 - April 7th 2008.

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many of you may be wondering why i haven't posted here in a while.

mostly its because of Jamie's behavior towards me. i feel very betrayed by her.

after i spent all that time with her through her recovery, she does things that i don't even believe. i find out from several people that she has been telling them how much she hates me etc.

Oh, before reading this know the circumstances. Jamie admits to talking things about me and LKDJFBig GrinJ/@ behind our backs, admits to hating us, admits to wanting us dead, and admits that she honestly feels that i didn't do anything for her. and @ and jamie have also signed a school contract that says if jamie approaches rachel with a harmful comment, she has to go to I.S.S. or get three licks.

Exhibit A: today

(if you have the heart to read all of this, please do. just know the endless spaces are names cut out of a MSN conversation with Dani.)

today i got called into the principal's office o_o

for jamies actions

she ran up beside me and was being her annoying self and she was being really nice and fake to em


and i ignored her and she asked if i would sit by her today and i said

H: i think i want to sit by FKL:JALF:JD today..

J: but you ALWAYS sit by her! you two arent even going out!

H: well.. what if i just want to talk to KLFJ:AKSJ?


@: shut up jamie..


@: well maybe i would be quiet if YOU didn't start it!

H: Jamie, go away

J: You know what Hunter im getting SICK of you!

H: im just doing what is best for you. if anyone saw you with us, then you'd get sent to suspension. please leave.


*J storms off and is yelling*


and then after lunch

after aaaaaall that drama..

i go to my Language Arts Class

and i am called into the office


im like SCREAMING on the inside and dying and thrashing on the inside, but on the outside i smiled to my teacher and walked calmly to the office


and i sat down and the principal called me in

and he was like "So. What's the deal?"

i said "I'm not exactly sure what you mean."

Pr: Well im talking about Jamie and DKF:A at Lunch

H: oh.. well jamie came up to me being weirdly nice and asked for me to sit by her, and i just said that i wanted to sit by LAJDSJL:F today.

H: and then jamie started yelling at JFD:LKFJ and she stormed off to sit at a different table..

Pr: Now i want the full story *he grins* i know the full story, and i dont blame you for trying to protect them both, they are your friends and you are just caught in the middle.. but please tell me what happened.

H: okay so all of what i just said happened except for Jamie screamed a lot of profane and obscene things to FJ:LKDFJ..

H: and i basically ended up telling her to leave b/c i knew she would get in huge trouble

Pr: Thank you for doing that, so. she called LFD:JDLKSJ a...

H: nothing im too proud to repeat...

Pr: so she called her a man-stealing slut and a bitch and she hopes she dies?


H: *holds back my laughter soooo hard..* yes.



Pr: thank you. that's all i needed to know!

and i left after telling him i am sorry for any inconviences that this is causing the counselor or him.

!!! it was so funny

so Jamie got a White Slip

those thingies are horrible!!! they stay on your record forever! and you have to trade it in for either 3 licks or two days in school isolation!

*Dani's few comments* its sooo funny how juvenile she is acting!!

and then, before i left school,

Jamie stopped me and

J:You know what? I am so pissed off at you for ratting me out. What a damned good friend you are you know? You worthless piece of shit.

H: I didn't tell him, i helped you by holding back a little so the least you could be is thankful

J: thankful for you?!?! i've never heard anything more hilarious. You and *insert name here* have been choosing RFLKABig GrinFJ over me for the past five months and i am sick of it!

H: well you give us a lot of really good reasons to! look at today! who would you rather be around??

J: Whatever i am so sick of you!!

H: Really? cause i thought you *in a moching tone* "didnt mean it" like the last forty times you've betrayed us! yeah 10 months of hearing all the things you say about me behind my back gets a little old. I wish you the best, but honestly i dont feel as if you want the same for me.\


H: *continues on my way to rehearsals*

i honestly have tried so hard, for so many times to just forgive and forget.. but i am just fooling myself now... its time to get back to reality. realize who your true honest to god friends are. and honestly i dont think jamie has her heart in the right place. so honestly i feel... shitty. like every ounce of energy i put into helping her out of the physical slump has just been pointless. but. i suppose life moves on. i am just going to not associate myself with her anymore, move on, act like she never did anything wrong, but also act like she never did anything right. any insight?...

that is all.

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That's really fucked up of her.

I don't really know what to say, I've been betrayed by a friend before (over a girl) but this sounds like it's been happening for a while.

I don't really know what to tell you except that, what you said at the end is probably what you should do.

She'll either (a. act the same way towards you (b. start missing you and want you to be friends with her again, or (c. still act coldly towards you.

But, you shouldn't take advice from me, I hardly get any social activity.

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today i almost got hit by a car walking to school and from school

to school:i was standing at the crosswalk waiting for the beep boop thing to go off and it did then right when i took a step off the curb some guy or lady zoomed right by and drove over my fooot Frowner

from school:was mainly my fault because at the same crosswalk i pushed the button the beep boop thing went off but it was for the other crosswalk which goes right and the way i wanted to go was straight and i kind of almost walked into the street but i didn't because some person honked at me .

well that was my closest to death story

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