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Hall of Fame - First Posts

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i LOVE the new thread andreseng! i want more, in fact i want to join the forum with a new name so that i can make a first post that is worthy of being on this thread, i might just go and do it right now...

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i think we should have a do over, and everyone can pretend its their first post, and try and make it as amusing/obnoxious/wierd as we can, kinda like a competition, you can go first piling cos i cant think of anything...

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You mean like:

Hi I love regina. I need these songs if anyone has them:

2.99 Cent Blues - Off

A Cannon - Dem LRec

A Cooler Version of Yourself - LRec

A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is - LRec

AB - LRec

Aching to Pupate - Off LRec

Ain't No Cover - Off LRec

All is Love (vocals for Anders Griffen) - Off

All the Rowboats - LRec

Another Town - Off LRec

Aprés Moi - Off LRec

Aquarius - LRec

Ave Maria - Dem LRec

Baby Jesus - LRec

Back of a Truck - Off

Baobabs - Off Dem LRec

Bartender - Off LRec

Bear Spektor - LRec

Be Like A Cloud

Begin to Hope - LRec

Belt - LRec

Better - Off LRec MVid RadioCut

Blue Lips - LRec

Bobbing for Apples - LRec

Bon Idée - Off LRec

Braille - Off Dem LRec

Buildings - Off LRec

By The Time You Read This Letter

BYOS - Dem

Carbon Monoxide - Off Dem LRec

Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen cover) - LRec

Chemo Limo - Off Dem LRec

Chicken Song - Dem rare

Cinderella - Dem rare

Consequence of Sounds - Off LRec

Dance Anthem of the 80's - LRec

Daniel Cowman - Off

Dead Rat - LRec

December - Off Dem

Dog and Pony - LRec

Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori - LRec

Düsseldorf - Off LRec

Dust to Dust - LRec

Edit - Off LRec

Eighth Floor - LRec

Fidelity - Off LRec MVid

Field Below - Off LRec

Film Score Project (SUNY Purchase)

Fire (for Kimya Dawson) - Off

Flyin' - Off

Folding Chair - LRec

Genius Next Door - LRec

Ghost of Corporate Future - Off LRec

Halikha LeKesariya (Eli, Eli) - Off LRec

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) - LRec

Happy Hooker - LRec

Hell No (with Sondre Lerche) - Off

Hero of the Story - Off LRec

Hotel Song - Off LRec Dem

Human of the Year - LRec

I Cut Off My Hair - LRec

I Want To Sing - Off

In the Studio

Kids (vocals for Anders Griffen) - Off

Lacrimosa - Off LRec

Lady - Off

Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds cover) - Off

Long Brown Hair - LRec

Lounge - Off

Love, You're a Whore - LRec

Love Affair - Off Dem LRec

Love Profusion (Madonna cover) - LRec

Lovology - LRec

Lucky Penny - LRec

Lulliby - Off LRec

Making Records - LRec

Man of a Thousand Faces - LRec

Marry Ann - Off

Mermaid - LRec

Mockingbird - Off

Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men (Featuring the Strokes) - Off LRec

Movies - Dem

Music Box - Off LRec Dem

My Man - Off LRec

My Dear Acquaintance (Happy New Year) - Off

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Off LRec

Ode to Divorce - Off LRec MVid

Oedipus - Off

Oh, Marcello!

On the Radio - Off LRec MVid

One More Time, With Feeling - LRec

One-String Blues - LRec

Open Up Your Heart (Down the Road & Up the Hill) - LRec

Opposite Ends (with Crimea) - Off

Paris - Dem

Patron Saint - LRec

Pavlov's Daughter - Off

Poor Little Rich Boy - Off LRec

Pound of Flesh - Off LRec

Prisoners - Off LRec

Raindrops - Dem LRec

Reading Time with Pickle - Off

Real Love (John Lennon cover) - Off LRec

Reginasaurus - LRec

Rejazz - Off LRec

Rockland County - LRec

Sailor Song - Off LRec

Samson - Off LRec MVid

Scarecrow & Fungus - Off Dem

School is Out - Dem rare

Secret Stash - LRec

Silly Eye-Color Generalizations - LRec

Small Town Moon - LRec

Soho - LRec

Somedays - Off LRec

Soup - Dem

Summer in the City - Off LRec

Sunset (with Anders Griffen) - Off

Sunshine - Off Dem

That Time - Off LRec

The Big Towns

The Bronx - LRec

The Clocks Were Asleep - LRec

The Devil Come to Bethlehem - LRec

The Floor Heard Everything

The Flowers - Off LRec

The Mustard Musketeers - LRec

The Noise - Off LRec

The Virgin Queen - LRec

The Wallet - LRec

Time Is All Around - LRec

20 Years of Snow - Off LRec Dem

Uh-Merica - Off LRec

Uncle Bobby - LRec

Us - Off LRecMVid

Voice On Tape (for Jenny Owen Youngs) - Off

Wasteside - Off

Woolen Gloves

You - LRec

Your Honor - Off LRec

That's it Thanks.....

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HaHaHa... this is a great thread!!! Big Grin

I think my first post was something about the heads/hats in Samson lyrics and then Em Mitchell replied and thought I was a guy and then I found out he also had a similar incident.

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It certainly wasn't deserving of Hall Of Fame status:

as I think you'd probably agree about yours:

This isn't meant to belittle. It's meant to be funny. Sorry if I gave the wrong idea.

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