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Advice, or not.

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Last friday he gave me the other half of the story which I obviously was a character which I give the main character a (graphic) blow job and act like a manipulative slut.

He gave it to me himself to read it.

And the rest of the night (we went to a show and had dinner with some friends that night) he made things awkward for everybody, making sexual jokes all the time like he always does.

So, later I went home with my friend and we were being petty and I decided, "hey, I need to stand up for myself once and for all."

But I realized I couldn't stand to talk to him on myspace and AIM when I was planning to put my foot down only in a few days, so I deleted him on myspace. It was a dumb thing to do, but once it was done, it was done.

He basically flitted about between all of my best friends, having mental breakdowns about how I broke his heart and cut him out of my life (because myspace signifies life; who knew?). He got angry and told my friend (who just then delivered their conversations to me) that he was going to never talk to me again and throw a poem in my face on Monday.

So, yesterday (monday) he did give me a three-page long letter along with a poem.

I'm not sure whether anybody would want to read it, but it says (quite eloquently) that I'm infecting him and he loves me so much and he wants to make me cry, yet he'd never make me shed a tear, and he would get with me in a minute etc etc.

Mostly about how I don't accept him for his sexual, inappropriate self and he's sad and I'm sad and blah blah blah.

Then the poem was just as woeful.

I told him what I had to say, just that I wanted him to be courteous towards me, and that I couldn't trust him any other way (which turned out to be quite a short rant, adding to the awkwardness), and then just kept saying "water under the bridge. I don't care. Water under the bridge."

Yet he kept bringing it up again and again.

And the day ended with him telling me, "I'm getting a girlfriend, you'll be happy to hear. She's not like you though."

And today I saw him only once, he was off with his new girlfriend or something, and only said one or two words to him.

And it was a really good day.


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You of course realize this "other" GF is just a temporary replacement. But now that the cards are on the table, just wish him well, tell him you're happy for him and hope this is the end of it.

The thing about making you cry is a threat though and should be taken very seriously. Especially in this day and age. Be sure to involve your parents or some other adult. I don't want to read about you in the papers.

DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY OR BLOW IT OFF. There are definitely some mental issues there.

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