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Artists you'd like to see Reg play with...

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Originally posted by Toe socks and hot chocolate:

Regina and Kimya Dawson would be very interesting...very hilarious, I think.

I don't know if it's the type of collaboration you're looking for, toe socks, but on Kimya's album "Hidden Vagenda", Regina sings on the song "Fire". It's backing vocals, but it's still her.

andreseng: Hahaha thanks. I was pretty darn ecstatic that day, explaining my shit eating grin Wink

MusicLover: Well, we know it's not the place to submit requests for collaborations, but it's a thread for who we'd like Reg to sing with. It's the same thing as the songs we'd like to hear on the next album thread, we know that what we say has no bearing on the actual songlist, but it's a nice topic to discuss.

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Herself. Alone. In my room...

Even Silverchair (that's I'll wait all my life to see they) colud be good...but will be too much!

i' dream Regi and jorane playing/singing Hallelujah (or something like that) at my (in a future, i suposse)weddin'.

Ella misma. Sola. En mi hablitación...

Aunque Silverchair ( que es lo que esperé todo mi vida, verlos) podría estar bueno...pero sería demasiado!

Sueño con Regi y Jorane tocando/cantanto el Hallelujah (o algo así) en mi (futuro, supongo) casamiento.

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