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Originally posted by kandi:

johnnyc, what book is that?


Cybelle gave it to me and said "Books have no meaning until someone picks them up, interprets them, and adds meaning what's inside. Books are sad on their own."

I had no idea that the pages were all blank for the most-part. Her statement is completely true of all books of course, but this one makes it more literal. There is a small piece of wisdom written on the bottom left of every two pages. So basically... it's a journal - which is verrry not my style.

But when she gave it to me, she placed it on the table and wrote on the first page (as you should ALWAYS do when gifting a book). She wrote "John! Go write your story passionately!" -Cybelle

Because of that message, I've decided to actually make use of it, and I am writing in the form of a letter to her. It makes it seem less self-indulgent, and gives me a conversational angle to write from Smiler

The quote that was on the blue strip on the back cover says "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today."

-William Allen White

Cybelle has no idea who Reg is either, and only minutes before she gave the book to me, I had actually shared with her a wise Regi quote. Now you have context for the "Hero of our own story" line on the back. It was the first thing I read when she gave it to me, before I even knew what the book was, so the feeling was surreal.

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