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Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs:


There's a totally different version of bobbin for apples hidden in this video at 2:08

Half the tempo and other harmonies...

Yay! That's a discover! (at least for me) Eeker Thank you!

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okay, so I listened to a snippet of a song and liked it. It went like "every step I'm taking, every move I'm making"... It sounded like a pop spiritual gospel song like "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, and it was just stuck in my head.

I google it, and it's a song by Miley friggin' Cyrus, called '

'. Now, I don't have much respect for artists who don't write their own songs. Jessi Alexander wrote 'The Climb'. (At first I thought it was this. Edit: nvm, ignore this.)

Feel my shame. :'( My indie cred is suffering.

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