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That's cool. I love Elvis Costello and of course love that song, (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Elvis Costello - Pump it up

- fantastico, look at those quirky dance moves. I like his preppy look.


This is the weirdest thing you'll see all week...

British kid does a sensual interpretation of Rihanna's S&M - This has boxxy potential.

Sex and magic? Silliness and mayhem? Sadomasochism?

“Cummon... I like it, cummon!”

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This is a video of a girl (her name is Julia Dales), and she's beatboxing onstage with a Harmonica. Now, she's really talented and all anyway, but I was really struck by this video. Definitely check her other videos out, though!

I think Regina'd like her; It's too bad there's not really a way for me to show her, though.

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I didn't know this video existed until today! I know some of you must have seen it, but just in case some people haven't... here it is!

I hadn't seen that one, so thanks! Smiler You are going to stone me for being such a bad stixer, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen the On the Radio video. Or maybe I have seen it and totally forgotten about it, I don't know. Anyway, I watched it now and was kind of speechless, for I am currently studying to become a music teacher for little children, so I'll be doing pretty much exactly the stuff Regina is doing with the kids in the beginning of the video as my profession... Weirdly awesome! I just wish I could do On the Radio with them and be as cool as Regina, but I'm afraid that wouldn't work out very well. Big Grin

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