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2 Euro for a double cheeseburger!!! Thats nigh on extortionate.

I really dislike saying, 'euro'. I much prefer, euros. 2 euro just sounds crazy to me for some crazy reason.

our pound menu is studip haha studip, (stupid). Why would something that costs £1.19 be included in a POUND saver menu

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i have so much to say on this haha.

firstly, it makes me angry how america made mcdonald's and other countries do it better. it doesn't surprise me, it just pisses me off.

secondly, LOL america's value menu chicken nugget thing comes with a 10pc. ireland's is six. hmmm...

thirdly, why would a double cheeseburger cost 2 euros there? it's $1.26 with tax over here (why do i know this? i caved the other day.)

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