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Originally posted by graph theory:

Natalie Portman - Gangsta Rap this always makes me laugh!

if you didn't know, natalie portman is a sweet/ philanthropic/ role model type. it's almost like regina doing something badass like this.. just like really out of character, but all the more humorous.

Hahahaha! I love Natalie Portman's SNL skits.

Especially the Jamba Juice one:

Which reminded me of this SNL skit:

Which I find appropriate considering it mentions Narnia.

(And I just about died of laughter from the pickle girl. I'm a horrible person.)

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i caught the end of where the heart is today and it reminded me how much i love natalie portman and made me want to watch paris je t'aime again... and again. i like her as a person not just an actress. did you see whne she gave julia roberts that award and told the story about hwo she gave her a necklace wiitht he word c**t on it, and then julia gave her one with lil c**t on it... haha. so cool. i wanna be friends with julia roberts Smiler

haha my lebonese friend says this ALL THE TIME! ill have to send her this. lol

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So, I was talking earlier about doing a Regina theme for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Here's my work in progress... I have a background that I'm happy with for the moment. I've started on some icon designs, I may ask for opinions on those in a few days.

Main screen (icons not skinned yet)


Icons moved to show more detail


Background and dock isolated.


If anyone has any ideas for things that should be included / removed / adjusted, please express your opinions! I've been looking for a high-res Regina-Locket image (from the "Mary Ann..." inside cover) but haven't found it online yet. I think it would look good sketched lightly on the notepaper somewhere random.

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