In search of the Holy Grail...

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Hey Casey, this is Matt, from the Tabernacle show.

Holy You are my personal hero for life! I'm going to get construction for my shrine to you right away!

You are officially a legend.

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Barry has agreed to give the tape to regina (she said in a past post on the old forum that she didn't get a copy), but no word on anyone else yet. He does not want to distribute the movie to anyone right now, because (drumroll please), he's thinking about redistributing them so that anyone can get a hard copy (for a nominal fee of course)!!

Apparently, our interest in the movie sparked something in him that makes him want to get the movie out to the public. Sorry it took so long to reply to this thread, the emails have been going back and forth for over a month now and he this is what he wants to try. I don't know if this is a FOR SURE thing, but he claimed he was going to email the producers and get the ball rolling ASAP.

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