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Originally posted by JohnnyC:

Hahahaha.... WE can't? Smiler

Let me just go get you a paper bag to breathe into until you get that heart rate under control...

haha, how did you know my heart rate was that high? i think it's all the coke i had earlier...the drink not the drug. It's that mixed with anxiousness.

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Ok, Bedtime. I have yet another ridiculous day tomorrow.

*Finger crossies* For your email!

If you end up being able to get a copy of it and need any help converting or transferring, let me know.

Goodnight laptop.

Goodnight Stanley Cup.

Goodnight table lamp.

Goodnight ticking wall clock.

Goodnight flowers that my housemate's boyfriend bought.

Goodnight girl troubles.

Goodnight Brümstix.


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EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT HOLY SHIT!!!! Look at this email i just recieved!!!

So i forwarded your email to the producers,

i had no idea that it was impossible to buy the film online.

I have a couple copies but im in Istanbul and i'm assuming you are

not Smiler.

But we will find some way make it available for you. I'll keep you


-scott maher


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