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Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower:


i've kidnapped youre genius. i'm holding it for the ransom of one "winning girls through psychic mind control" film. just call me when you get the movie and you will find a post-it note stuck to the back of your head. this note with tell you the secret location across the street from the secret location where your genius is being held captive. we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. its your decision, act promptly. but if you refuse i have to tell you that i'm just going to seduce you until i get what i want, so in theory you're powerless to my methods of persuasion, and i will (i repeat) i will one day in my meaningless life get to see this film even if i have to drive to georgia myself with ice cream as bribery.

but on a happier note i'm treating your genius very nicely and keep congratualting it for its great work. Smiler **high fives your genius**

hahahahaha, this might be the greatest 'thank you' ever in history. thanks for that Smiler

and i'll be waiting for that ice cream, but in the meantime i'll give everyone an update.

Barry Brown (the director of "Winning Girls") sent me an email this morning. He was concerned about how I even came across the movie and what my plans for it were. I told him that I would do whatever they wanted me to do with it. I told him I understood the hesitance in giving the movie up, but assured him that I was NOT going to use this for personal profit. I said "I just would really like to see this movie that is seemingly impossible to get ahold of (which increases the mystique)."

Hopefully this goes alright...i'll keep y'all posted.

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Eeker thats way too Uber super cool for even Grad skool

This would be a more than appropriate time to use my *running round waving hands in air* msn smiley

And Kandi yous can use it in any which way you see fit Big Grin

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(sorry if these are getting redundant, but i'm keeping you informed down to every email sent/received)

He is going to send it through the mail and I just gave him the address to send it to. Now it's the waiting game...are you all up to it? i know i am...

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