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I can't believe it--I just bought 11:11 (hard copy)

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Here are some crappy photos (blame Blackberry) I just took of 11:11!




It really is one of the most amazing things I have held in my hands.

When I get a chance, I am going to scan the front cover with the super high quality scanner at my work so we can at least have a true-scale photo of the front cover floating around on the internetz.

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Originally posted by JohnnyC:

Originally posted by clementine:

My heart is still pounding!

I want to cry (out of joy)!

That copy was destined for you! Way to go!

The quality of the 11:11 that we all have is not very good, so this CD is gonna sound friggin' awesome. Do you think that once you get it, you could rip it as the raw files for us???? (easy to do, if you need directions)

The files will be big though, so it's not small request, but I'll send you my heart in the mail if you feel like doing it Big Grin

It's always bothered me that we only had the old mp3s of that album floating around and no actual CDs.

In closing: Either way, you rule for getting your hands on one!

We're talking FLAC files, right?

Either way, you might have to walk me through this...but I'll do anything for my friends on the stix!

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have i mentioned "Congratulations" yet? And "So Jealous."

You just made the open market have one less copy of these for me to find.

I appreciate the extra challenge. Okay, i don't really appreciate it, but the extra challenge certainly will make it more worthwhile when I find one. It's like... finding a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. Only, infinitely better.

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