McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

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Originally posted by mooebon:

I wish I was in Ireland, too, because then I wouldn't be up so late! Roll Eyes

I got up two and a half hours early for work JUST so I could see how the show went Razzer And I'm sorry Mrs yeah, but I just can't contain myself Big Grin

Dance Anthem- Wow! Big Grin


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I've been waiting all afternoon to see how everything went

So I've seen all the pix and the vids so far and it's just great that she got the book.

I'm just so happy that everyone had such an awesome time.

Thanks to everyone for all the updates!!

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Wow, what a great show.

I was there about 5 hours early so we heard Regina play many songs during sound check. We would clap and she'd say, "Thank you gate people!" since she could see us from afar lol.

I got a great spot in the front row near stixers and we made sure to hold up the brum-stix-has-a-gift-for-you signs made before entering the venue. She played amazingly, of course, and ---okay let's just skip to the book. She was at a small party or something after the show and the stixers were gathered together waiting in the back. She came out a lot sooner than I expected and loved the book,said it was so sweet, hugged it, and as she flipped through the first few pages she said she didn't know what to say (with a huge smile on her face). She was really happy and took the time to give us all autographs and a photograph with her before she went back in. She talked to us for like 20 minutes about so many things, it was awesome I can't wait to re-watch it.

It was great meeting everyone and I'm looking forward to many more Regina shows with you guys!

Um i recorded a few videos with my digital camera but I can't seem to upload them because they're quicktime videos so they're .mov files instead of .avi (or something like that) and I need some converter. Bleh I wish technology weren't so complicated at times. Here are a couple pics.



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Wow! Looks like it was/everyone had a FLIPPN' AWESOME time!!!!!!!! *-*

All the pictures and videos are AMAZING! Thank you to eveyone who posted recordings and thank you to those who posted their stories.

I'm dying to see the video from when the book was handed off. literally Wink.

Yesterday had to be like, one of the great days of brümstix history: "lost" recordings were "found", a huge gathering of stixers at an incredible (strings! .-.) regina concert, a 'stixers group photo, the handing off of the book... did I miss anything? It's too much to process at the moment.

Big Grin <- happiness

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I was there. I met a lot of you guys there. I'm Chris, but I'll try to find me in some pics so you know who I am. Yea, I don't have much time right now, but I just wanted to say hi, especially to the people I met there who I waited 5 hrs before the show with! Amazing night!!!!!

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