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Upload Your "Photos" to RSO

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Originally posted by Greg:

Great job!!! And it is indeed a very easy process. Smiler

And is there such thing as too many photos? I have a lot and don't want to be a space-hog. Should I stick to the 5-picture limit?

You can upload as many as you want, 5-at-a-time is just there to keep things from timing out.

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I don't mean to be uptight... but since we're sticking to avoiding copyright issues by uploading only our own photos, can you also put a disclaimer up? One saying that if random people browsing RSO want to post a photo on their blog/site/whatever, to do so with permission AND give credit to each respective photographer and/or give credit and link to RSO...

...just a thought, since there was an issue that came up here ...

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Hey, I think there is a problem, I just uploaded 5 pics and only one showed... is there a wait?

They're from Austin City Limits 2007...


are you going to make a category for the other shows even though they don't have corresponding soundfiles? I could give you the dates of my shows and even some songs... if that makes it easier.

Sadness for no Texas categories... Frowner

Dallas November 9 2006

Austin September 17 2007

Dallas November 8 2007

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