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so, i signed up on toriphorums just to check out our favorite troll's story. i was going to keep this all to myself, because i don't want to cause more useless drama now that he's (hopefully) gone forever. but i believe that he wasn't here just to cause problems with the enemy (if you will) and that he was actually here for a good reason. (at the beginning) someone called him an ass for making a quip about regina and he thoroughly apologized to that person after coming here and giving reg a try. what he had to say about us was not at all what i had expected, which is a good thing.

and in my searches, i found some things that are actually quite fucking hilarious and ironic that he's said.

oh, and we shouldn't feel too special about the way he acted here. he's just as defensive and rude to his own as he was to us. in the post i'm looking at right now, he asks the person who called him an ass to not address him on toriphorums again. LOL.

they also have a whole reg forum over there, which i didn't know about. it's pretty much deserted from the looks of it. you have to be a member to read, but it's not even worth signing up for that. we've got a great thing here, when we're clean and free of trolls and drama.

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