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Dear Regina: You're sweet

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Originally posted by rawin:

are going to take pictures with me too?

pictures, yeah.

but i don't know if we should all be licking you

well, I would be working in NY... and i would be near of reg..

is a risk there I have to take Cool

(100 post!!!!! Big Grin WIIIIII)

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I'm so happy the point was - how should I say - "gotten". I did learn a few things. Regina is a pretty good musician, I definitely have to admit that. By sailing the "River Stix", I managed to learn and discover that much and will be enjoying her on my own and I'm sure discovering more about her as the time passes...

For now, I don't think she was "inspired" by Tori just by the simple fact that she doesn't like being compared to her. Someone that doesn't like being compared to something can't possibly be inpired by that "something".

However, although I really do enjoy at least 5 of Regina's songs at this point (I state this because I think 5 songs is a lot considering I "disliked" her just a couple of days ago) she doesn't and will never compare to Tori and that's just that. Does she have her own style? ABSOLUTELY. Is she paving her own way? DEFINITELY. Does she have a promising future? CERTAINLY...

Does she have the skill or maturity of Tori Amos? NEVER. And also, does she have this?:

1995 — Best Alternative Music Album (for Under The Pink, nomination).

1997 — Best Alternative Music Album (for Boys For Pele, nomination).

1999 — Best Alternative Music Album (for From the Choirgirl Hotel, nomination).

1999 — Female Rock Vocal Performance (for "Raspberry Swirl", nomination).

2000 — Best Alternative Music Album (for To Venus and Back, nomination).

2000 — Female Rock Vocal Performance (for "Bliss", nomination).

2002 — Best Alternative Music Album (for Strange Little Girls, nomination).

2002 — Female Rock Vocal Performance (for "Strange Little Girl", nomination).

2004 — Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Packaging (for Scarlet's Walk, nomination).

2004 — Best Dance Remix (for "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas", nomination).

MTV Video Music Awards

1992 — Best Female Video (for "Silent All These Years", nomination).

1992 — Best Cinematography in a Video (for "Silent All These Years", nomination).

1992 — Best New Artist In a Video (for "Silent All These Years", nomination).

1992 — Breakthrough Video (for "Silent All These Years", nomination).

And although Tori has never won, considering that she's always been considered "kooky" by fans, haters, critics and the music industry as a whole, I think what I just pasted above is a hell of a feat.

When Regina reaches the above status, then you can bash Tori as a way of validating Regina's "talent" and "uniqueness".

Until then, let's just all enjoy Regina's music (both here at the Styx and elsewhere) and if Tori is mentioned (certainly not by me, her name isn't deserving of a place such as this) by someone else, let's keep the bashing to ZERO.

Because if we do want to compare, Tori will kick her ass anyday. But if we're talking "independently". Yes, I've sort of taken a liking to the young lass.

Best Wishes


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i believe he declared his final post a while ago, so he shouldn't be showing up anytime soon.

i think we can live with it, provided that he actually doesn't come back.

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