Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

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Originally posted by baby jesus:

Edit. Does anybody else see this becoming elitist like the whole demo tape thing. I'm just wondering since the venue is so small.

I really wanted to avoid anything seeming elite or uncomfortable for Ms. Spektor, and I guess whatever happens it will be up to her and her management to decide if it is ok. Truthfully I also do not know if she has any other contractual type of things that would make this impossible or inconvenient/difficult for her to do. But I do know that she is a New York native, pretty much, with some pretty deep roots in the East Village and that many of her Brumstix fans are NYers too with a love of the village and the atmosphere.

When I was Raphael's age (14) I saw Jimi Hendrix (and Moody Blues and Voices of East Harlem, a Gospel choir) do a show at the Fillmore East near St. Marks Place. It ended up in the amazing Band of Gypsies album (New Year's eve 1969).

I used to stay with my cousin in the village (she went to NYU and was in some indy films there) and I could wander St. Marks place and buy bootleg Rolling Stones, Beatles and Dylan albums and see all the hippies and love children. So for me this is like making that kind of magic real for my kids and the connection to the music and the culture happen (in some ways the East Village still has a lot of that magic surrealism that existed back then and incredible possibilities in music and artistic expression/experience).

So it would be cool if I could help make it happen.

But one other thing just to keep it in context: the way the music business is there is usually this huge disconnect/separation between fans and artists. Regina Spektor has in many ways defied this (at least in her NY performances) because she has a special place in her heart for Stixers and other fans, it seems, and always tries to connect, take pictures, smile and show the love and appreciation.

This kind of show is one way that artists can show they are not disconnected or elite and surely fans at other Regina sites could organize to try and do something like this on their own (without all the industry folks making it all part of the "machine" (one of my favorite of her new songs btw)).

It is really just kind of up to Regina to say if it is right or not right for her and if she would do it how it would work (what songs, how long, etc.). I just want it to be as simple and comfortable and amazing as it might be for my kids and some of her best fans to get the kind of show that is kind of impossible once somebody hits the bigtime unless you are ultra-rich.

Maybe it is a kind of new paradigm for artists I am suggesting (audience/fan based performances). Just a thought. But it is just something to see if it could be a dream made real for my kids and you guys as well as Regina if she wants.

(Raph's Dad)

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Out of interest what is the demo tape thing?

I used to live in a tiny internet-less village in england in the middle of the country so only could ever listen to music and never got to hear/read about any news about artists.

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The demo tape thing was where there was a 1999 demo tape of Reg on ebay and someone on here bought it. They then said they went to a concert that night and talked to reg and told her about it. They say Reg asked them to not put it on the internet or distribute it, but they said Reg told them it was their decsion. In the end they did not put it out on the 'stix. A little while after that tape leaked onto youtube. It was then discovered that the person who won the tape sent the songs to certain 'stixers and not others. This made there be huge drama about elitism and stiff like that.

Sorry for the longness of this post. I cold not find the thread that it was in. There are great songs on there. My favorite Reg song, Chickensong, and Cinderella, School is out, demo Braille, Demo Sunshine, demo love affair.

Big Grin

Whooo. *takes in deeeeep breath*

Edit: What Andreseng said too. Big Grin

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Originally posted by andreseng:

Originally posted by RJLupin2:

If you want to privately invite folks to become members here so that they can participate that is fine. But I do not really want this to be advertised all over the web because it is up in the air, it's not meant to be for anyone but stixers and their friends.

I'm not advertising or inviting. I said that merely to drive home the point that the number is easily obtainable if you can get the logistics worked out. Thanks for your efforts.

Raph's dad here again...

Mostly I wanted to be sure there was enough interest here to support it as primarily a Brumstix event. I know that there are plenty of well-heeled music fans who would pay for such a show, but I also know that many folks here don't have the kind of resources to pay for a high price event (which is why if some Stixers would be willing to pitch in a little more and those with less cash could volunteer as ushers etc then it could hopefully still raise enough to make it worthwhile for her management).

I want to keep it simple and primarily an event which Stixers could attend. If it is an attractive venue or type of event for Regina and her management, I would imagine that additional dates could be added for others or for a more public event which could happen too maybe on other dates.

BTW there is an interesting article in the New Yorker magazine this week about concert promotions and the ticket sale business and scalping etc which is kind of interesting. I heard the author on NPR radio talking about it (how concert ticket prices are undervalued but that corporate scalping adds to prices). Artists want to sell out their shows and do special shows but the industry has pretty much taken over - with Springsteen and others fighting back some) Worth a read for those interested:


One thing I wanted to avoid was having people try to take advantage of this to make a profit by buying a bunch of tickets and scalping them to the disadvantage of Stixers (and why it is kind of first-come, first serve for Stixers at this point - which is why i want folks to at least post their user names in support so they can be guaranteed an opportunity if this happens)

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