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Tori fan trying to get into Regina....

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your opinion is most respekted, HOWEVER.....i don't feel that every female who plays the piano should automatically be compared to amos, and to say that she paved the way for regina is just crazy-talk, imo.



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i'm agreeing with jodi here. while you're obviously giving regina a taste, your statements about tori "paving the way for her" seem rather derogatory. i can honestly say that i've never listened to tori (though i am willing to give her a try) but just know that reg can work an audience as well.

i'm not trying to be rude or push you away, you're very welcome here. and i'm glad you've decided to take a look at reg's stuff.

here are some of my suggestions:

-go over to google video and search for regina's performance at tonic (new york) on 7/27/05.

-her barfly performance was uploaded to youtube, and i thought that was a great show as well.

-she was definitely at her best on 8/15/08 at her mccarren park pool show, so watch some youtube videos of that. for the life of me i can't find it, but johnnyc uploaded the entirety of that show.

and if you're not really a fan of videos, i suggest you listen to (which should mostly be on

-one more time with feeling

-human of the year

-small town moon

-love affair

-pavlov's daughter (not on RSO)

-blue lips

-dance anthem of the 80's (particularly the mccarren version, it's amazing!)

-patron saint

and anything else you can find =3

edit: i think you'll come to find that regina's live songs are actually better than the album ones. not that the albums are bad, she's just amazing live.

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Originally posted by rawin:

Long live Janis! And Joni! And who can forget Brenda Lee...

i saw this great janis documentary on iFC one night. i enjoyed it. my sister was like "WHAT are you watching?!"

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1. Welcome to the stix! I hope you can find your 'Regina niche'

2. I agree with Sugardrive and kandi. No disrespect to tori or kate bush, but its not exactly as if regina owes them her voice. I also agree with the music suggestions, particularly the Tonic Show. and Barfly. and Mccaren Park Pool. basically they're all super awesome (in many ways live regina is way better than album regina). In addition to what has been recommended i would suggest 'Baby Jesus'(live only), 'Uh-Merica' (Begin to Hope bonus track), 'Mary Ann' (11:11) and 'Prisoners' (Songs). I also couldn't help but think of the dresden dolls when I listened to the songs you posted. I know they're much louder and rock-ish-er (totally a word) and stuff but there are definitely similar stylistic elements.

Good luck Smiler

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also, it's not like reg looks to tori for inspiration (or she hasn't said so, at least. i guess it's plausible that she could but i doubt it) so there is no way that regina is going down tori's pre-paved path. she's just driving down a relatively similar road, which she has created herself in another town (don't let me forget... etc)

edit: by relatively similar, i mean she also plays the piano and sings.

but as reallylongnamethatidontwanttotypeoutandamactuallydefeatingthepurposeofnotlookingtofindoutwhatitactuallyisbymakingthisallintoonereallylongword said, tori got frustrated with guitar and smashed it against the wall.

so... does that mean... no, it can't be...

there's a DIFFERENCE between tori and reg? wha-huuuuttttt? did tori pave that path, too?

as i said, i honestly haven't listened to tori, but does she semi-beatbox, vibrate her lips, and essentially scat in her songs? does she have beatboxers beside her? does she have an a cappella song where she taps the microphone for effect? my instincts say no, but these are actual inquiries. does she?

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^ The above post was really cute. And my point?

EDISON DID INVENT THE BULB and NEIL DID GET ON THE MOON FIRST. Which made it all the more possible to others, whether you see it as relevant or not. Um, that's why they're considered historical figures. And that, sweetheart, is certainly my point. You may find it pointless, but at least you do admit that Tori came first which leads me to believe that she certainly "did it" first which can spin off into a bunch of different "dids", but I'm not going there...

I'm going to clarify my first post seeing as it may have come off a bit pompous.

Tori Amos did pave the way for female PIANISTS (to be very specific) like Regina. Remember, when Tori first came out with "Little Earthquakes" the record company (Atlantic) was willing to release the album as long as she agreed to one thing:

Replacing all the piano music with guitars. Pianos weren't "in" then and I'm sorry but aside from Elton John, please name to me a prominent pianist who "broke through" during the 90's.

Also, even Alicia Keys respects Tori, has been to some of her shows, etc. I'm not saying Regina needs to be a fan, but don't deny the obvious. Tori made it possible for her to play her beloved instrument and make money doing so.

I don't think people have a clue how much Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell (both mentioned by others within this thread), Kate Bush, Carol King (another female pianist), and yes even contemporaries like Tori and Bjork have influenced these 20-somethings coming out now. Hey, I'm 20-something too, so I have no beef about that, but let's get real. Regina isn't doing anything groundbreaking and that's my honest opinion.

I'm still willing to listen and am more than interested in finding my own place in this community as well as fostering a space for Regina's music (I just love music - I'm a pianist myself).

To say that "just because they both play piano" isn't a GRAND thing to have in common is foolish. That's a very big thing.

At the end of the day, people do get compared within their own genres. Listen, guitarists will forever be compared to the likes of people like Hendrix, etc, etc. Same with drummers, and singers and pianists. It's just the real, honest and predictable way people go about judging (yes, at times, including myself).

In terms of Regina being "influenced" by Tori. I can't say that. I've only read that she doesn't like being compared to Tori, which bothers me to no end. I find it disrespectful. Almost like saying, well I'm the one who got people to pay attention to the piano again (again, my thing is the piano first and foremost. I love Tori to no end, but like her, I love the piano more. What can be done with it, how it speaks, etc. And in my opinion, Tori has shot past Regina at warpspeed. Everything else we can debate but not the use of that instrument. It's completely Tori's).

But do have some respect for people like Kate Bush, Joni, Janis, Carol, Tori, Bjork because if it wasn't for women like them, there wouldn't be any solo female artists. Sorry to say.

And if you're still trepidatious about giving Tori credit, do some research man and don't just spew out venom.

Her debut album was with a band (Y Kant Tori Read) and it sucked and she was trashed (this was in 1988). In 1991 she released her groundbreaking solo album, "Little Earthquakes", selling over 2 million albums. Again, the time was 91-92. Why don't you check out how many solo female artists were around then (ESPECIALLY playing the piano) and then check back with me and let me know...cause I would love to hear about them.


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Honey I'm gay, so please. Don't go there with the whole "we're just as capable as men". I'm fem too, so I happen to fight the same battles as you.

And I'm sorry you feel insulted. Your loss. Those are some great females, and any respectable artist gives them their due credit.

I mean, as Tori likes to say, "I was playing piano when you were still pissin' in your PJ's." It is a joke, so chill...

But I came here to get to know Regina fans and get some suggestions. Kate did a great job doing that with me - sharing music, being open to Tori's music, etc. Those are the kind of people I'm looking to deal with.

And just for your information, it is very important who "came first". Becaues they OBVIOUSLY had to deal with a lot more slack then the next one in line.



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