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Driving Drunk

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i'm truly sorry Jodi.

i can only hope things get better for you and her family.

i will ask my preacher if he would include this story in his sermon on saturday. he is very understanding, and i hope that even the smallest bit of our prayers, condolences, and thoughts at St. Paul would mean something to you and her family. this is truly inconceivable that a person could be so irresponsible, and insolent towards what their actions can do. a human life is not something that you can replace, and until people realize that.. i truly hope for the best in this case.

"Be thankful of how much they have changed you, and how much they have impacted your life. Always keep their memories in your heart, remember the good times and the bad. keep this person in your heart until you might see them again one day." - Brother Greg *the man who did my grandfather's funeral*

that speech will have an everlasting impression on me, and i hope some of the words i have written will make things a fraction of a bit easier for you Jodi. I am truly sorry.

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