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http://atlanta.broadwayworld.c...Fox_Theatre_20100309Interview with Christy Altomare

"What about other musicals or plays? Is there another role in a different play you would love to perform someday?

There are a lot of parts that I could play. But I think where my heart really lies, is with shows like this, which are so revolutionary as far as musicals go. I would love to be a part of new works that are testing boundaries, like this new musical that is coming out called Beauty by Regina Spektor. It's all about Beauty and the Beast and you see a lot of that happening, like the new Green Day musical. You see a lot of contemporary musicians creating story musicals. And I think that is the kind of thing I would really like to focus on. "

although I think it's based Sleeping Beauty not Beauty and the Beast... haha.

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"Maddux was nominated for a series of three 2009 music reviews in Paste: Cold Bore, on Regina Spektor’s Far in July ; Brandi, You’re a Fine Girl, on Brandi Carlile’s Give Up the Ghost in September; and Just Peachy, on Laura Veirs’ July Flame in December/January."

Not the most positive opinion, but it is just that: an opinion, eloquently written.

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Wow Rachel Maddux sure knows how to write... It's a shame she didn't like "far." I see where she's coming from about the vocals possibly being a tad lackluster, but I personally love almost everything regina does on the album.

I love her idea that the album's theme is human disconnectedness. I can't believe I never thought of it; it's a major theme in every single song on the album.

1. "We called that calculation perfect love."

2. "You spent half of your life trying to fall behind."

3. "Blue, the color of our planet from far, far, away."

4. "I've been sitting on this abandoned beach for years."

5. "Hooked into machine! I'm hooked into machine."

6. "No one's laughing at God when they're starving or freezing or so very poor."

7. "And though they do not know it, all mankind are now your brothers."

8. "One tries to fly away."

9. "And I am one of your people, but the cars don't stop."

10. "The Genius next door was busing tables."

11. "You'll never know me, I'll never know you."

12. "Your stitches are all out, but your scars are healing wrong, and the helium balloon inside your room has come undone."

13. "The man of a thousand faces sits down at the table, eats a small lump of sugar, and smiles at the moon like he knows her."

14. "Why am I supposed to love if I don't want to love?"

15. Exception to the rule? "I don't want to live with out you."

16. "Wake up, put on my riot gear. But in the study of my house..."

If anything, that review has given me an even greater appreciation for the album.

And, regina, if you happened to read that last part about spending a few months in a cabin in upstate New York, may I suggest the Thousand Islands region? Wink

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I agree with you completely. Like a lot of journalists (sorry, Stix Journalism Community), she failed to do especially deep research into the subject she wrote about. But then again, I'm an Art History/Archaeology major, so I'm all about the contextual stuff. But she is an artist who paints and sculpts words, a true writer. I hope she wins the award, even for the sake of foregoing (mostly) the adjective "quirky."

--PS: I just realized this is kind of a review-of-a-review.

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Originally posted by bum bum bum:

I liked her review of Regina's live show. Though I disagree with a lot of her opinions of Far and the "new" songs. haha..

Reconsidering Regina Spektor

I actually agreed with what she said for the most part, although I do like Far a lot more then she seemed to, haha.

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some Beauty news. I think...

"Fay says scripts and score will be delivered by the end of this year and readings will be held in 2011 at which point one of the projects will move forward."

I don't know what all this means exactly.. I hope it means I'll have a chance to see Beauty in Hartford next year!

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