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Thomas Dolby Article

"After a nearly 20-year absence from the record bins (or digital playlists), Thomas Dolby is readying his first studio album since 1992's "Astronauts & Heretics." "A Map of the Floating City" arrives this spring with guest appearances from Mark Knopfler and Regina Spektor."

^^I'd forgotten about this! I guess it's coming out fairly soon.

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I think we all knew already about Thomas Dolby wanting to use Regina on his next album, well I found some detail on it in an article:

To help tell his stories, Dolby has enlisted an impressive cast of guest musicians. Legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler helps drive the epic “17 Hills,” a song about a pair of hapless lovers and a jailbreak. Natalie MacMaster, the Cape Breton fiddler, adds spice to two songs. Scottish singer Eddi Reader takes a front seat on the ethereal “Oceanea.” Bruce Woolley (Camera Club) plays theremin. And Regina Spektor has a cameo as an East European waitress on “Evil Twin Brother.”

I thought he was going to use her for more than this, but It's something new and that's always exciting. Smiler The article said the album is coming out sometime this October.

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