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Wise words and a super cute picture from Regi via her FB



Happy Purim! A celebration of an ancient avoided Holocaust of the Jewish people. Watch out for new prejudices... Don't let people spread their viruses of hate... We are all made of the same stuff... Love will win, love will unite and love and kindness are what this world needs from us... To life, L'chayim!!! regina


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This isn't exactly news, but I wasn't sure where it would go (or if someone has posted it already; I checked). I don't know if anyone around here is a fan of Chance the Rapper, but he tweeted this a few weeks ago:


Listening to old versions of the songs from Coloring Book. Same Drugs had Regina Spektor on it. Not using this may be my biggest mistake.


Here's the version of the song Same Drugs from his album Coloring Book, which came out in May:


The album is so good, and I wish we could hear the version of Same Drugs with Regina!

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Big News! For those Regina fans in Germany she will play October 28 and 29th! Hopefully this means a world tour (translated from the German)


The Fall Festival, which takes place from 27 to 30 October 2016, was able to gain another headline: Regina Spektor will play October 28 in Dusseldorf and on 29 October in Stuttgart.

Furthermore have Explosions in the Sky, Roosevelt and Silversun Pickups announced that will occur next Agnes Obel, Wilco, John Grant, Adam Green and Kate Tempest.

But that should not have been anything - more confirmations will follow. But you can watch already times an overview of the previous program .

Tickets for these concerts will expire immediately on the website of the New Fall Festival and all usual outlets.

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